The Rosen Center is not currently appointing Graduate Scholars. We participate actively in Caltech's Biotechnology Leadership Predoctoral Training Program. We invite you to visit the BLP website to learn more about the program and about some of the exceptional graduate students working on bioengineering-related projects at Caltech.

Caltech’s long-term goal is to support all graduate students throughout their entire graduate careers. You can read more about the Institute's vision and progress as part of the Breakthrough Campaign.

Current Caltech graduate students looking for funding opportunities are encouraged to explore the external fellowships page at the Graduate Studies Office website.

Past Rosen Graduate Scholars

Hesham Azizgolshani, 2009 (Gharib Lab) for his research leading to the development of the first biologically grown pumping device based on the design and characteristics of the pumping mechanism in the embryonic zebrafish heart tube (Ph.D. Bioengineering ’13)

Dr. Meng Cui, 2009 (postdoctoral scholar in the Yang Lab) for his work using time-reversed light to suppress scattering in biological tissue, rendering normally opaque tissue transparent

Emmanuel de los Santos, 2011 (Mayo/Murray Labs) for his synthetic biology work combining techniques in protein engineering with biological circuit and feedback control (Ph.D. Bioengineering ’15)

William P. Dempsey, 2009 (Fraser Lab) for his work developing optical and molecular technologies making it possible to image dynamic expression and patterning in muscle disease processes (Ph.D. Bioengineering ’12)

Daniel Jones, 2011 (Phillips Lab) for his work in gene regulation to determine the transcriptional response of a variety of bacterial regulatory networks using lac operon, and to then use fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) to explore the precise details of regulation in the lac operon and other networks (Ph.D. Applied Physics, expected ’14)

Joseph H. Levine, 2009 (Elowitz Lab) for his work to elucidate new design principles for cell-autonomous control of multi-cell cycle delays in response to environmental stimuli (Ph.D. Computational and Neural Systems ’12)

Eric Lubeck, 2011 (Cai Lab) for his work in single molecule, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) to monitor gene expression in single cells (Ph.D. Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, expected ’16)

Alborz Mahdavi, 2011 (Tirrell Lab) for his work developing methods for time-resolved and cell-selective labeling and identification of proteins in complex biological systems (Ph.D. Bioengineering ’15)

Manuel Monge, 2014 (Emami and Shapiro Labs) for his work in the design, analysis and implementation of high-performance biomedical implants (Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, expected '16)

Adam Neumann, 2011 (Guo Lab) for his work in the self-organization of tubular structures in vitro to develop a robust protocol for the engineering of tubular structures that can be used in regenerative medicine (Ph.D. Bioengineering, expected ’16)

Vikas Trivedi, 2011 (Fraser Lab) for his work using advanced imaging techniques to analyze tissue structure and physical forces imposed on the tissues, allowing definition of the forces imposed by neighboring cells and by the flow of blood through the heart (Ph.D. Bioengineering ’15)

Sungwook Woo, 2009 (Rothemund Lab) for his work in developing molecular interactions enabling the self-assembly of complex molecular structures across length scales (Ph.D. Bioengineering ’13)