A resource publication prepared by the Rosen Center is available to assist Caltech faculty and grants managers preparing DARPA proposals - "Helpful Guide for DARPA Proposals." Also available are templates offered by DARPA's Biological Technologies Office for the Technical Volume I Proposal and Cost Volume II Proposal. We hope you find these resources useful.


In April 2017, the Rosen Center completed a survey of 27 current Caltech students who have received awards and/or honorable mentions in the prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program. We have summarized their advice to colleagues who are preparing an application, and a list of resources they found particularly valuable. - "NSF GRFP Best Practices & Resource Guide."


Two resource publications are available for Caltech postdocs applying to the NIH K99/R00 program - "A Guide to the NIH K99/R00 Program" and the complementary "Walk-through Demonstrating How To Use NIH REPORTER To Search for K99 Awards."