Medical Engineering


Micro-/Nano-scale Medical Technologies and Devices

(Burdick, Choo, Dabiri, Emami, Faraon, Gharib, Greer, Hajimiri, Scherer, Tai, Yang)
Research topics include biomaterials, biomechanics, medical robotics, micro/nanofluidics, micro/nano biophotonics, medical electronics, wireless communications through skin and tissue, electrograms, biotic/abiotic interface, biochips, BioMEMS/NEMS, microPCR and sequencer, biosensors, micro/nano implants, retinal and spinal implants, neural prosthetics, drug delivery, locomotion rehabilitation, and point-of-care devices.


Medical Nanoelectronics

(Emami, Hajimiri, Scherer, Tai)
Research topics include integrated circuits and nanoelectronics for medical applications, high bandwidth wireless communication devices, extremely low power medical electronics and sensors, self-healing circuits and systems, and systems-on-a-chip.


Biomedical Materials and Biomechanics

(Burdick, Dabiri, Gharib, Greer, Grubbs, Tai)
Research topics include biocompatible medical materials, nanoscale-engineered smart materials, device-tissue interface, cell-material interactions, cardiovascular mechanics, and muscle and membrane mechanics.


Micro-/Nano-scale Fluidics and Bioinspired Design

(Burdick, Dabiri, Gharib, Ismagilov, Tai, Yang)
Research topics include micro-/nanofluidics, drug delivery, engineering physiological machines, engineering self-propulsion technologies, bioinspired control systems, and self-healing circuits and systems.


Medical Imaging and Sensing

(Choo, Emami, Faraon, Gharib, Greer, Hajimiri, Scherer, Tai, Yang)
Research topics include medical photonics and sensors, advanced imaging technologies, computational image analysis, noninvasive biomedical imaging, single-molecule detection and diagnostics, micro flow-field imaging, and lensless microscopy-on-a-chip.